About Me

 In 1997 a couple of friends and I decided we should take a chance and set up our own business, offering information management consultancy, training and software to the Oil & Gas business. After around 10 years of running the company as a small ‘boutique’ consultancy with around a half dozen staff, we decide to try and ramp it up. And over the next 10 years our company grew to become an internationally recognised, ISO 9001 certified business employing nearly 50 people. This involved a lot of background work in making sure we had the right standards, business processes and systems in place to support this growth. In 2016 we decided to sell the business, and successfully exited.

I didn't go to business school. I built our business through trial and error. I’ve managed through good times and bad. I’ve hired and let people go. I’ve been kept awake at night by the same problems you probably face, and I’ve celebrated great successes. Most of all, I’ve enjoyed it and learnt a lot of valuable lessons along the way.

I take a client centered approach to working with you. I strongly believe you know your business best and you are best placed to address the challenges you face. I can act as a catalyst, using my experience and practical hands-on help, but I won’t take over or ‘prescribe’ pre-packed solutions.

So, take the next step. Contact me, I’d love to meet you and find out about you and your goals and challenges. If I think I can help, I’ll tell you how.

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